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BORC is an acronym for a neighborhood formed by 4 streets: Bayard, Oliver, Reed and Cass. BORC neighbors created the name around the same time they started their annual parties. It began with a few couples that got together for a progressive potluck dinner party in 1982. Every year more BORC neighbors joined the “end of summer party” until there were too many people to manage the logistics of progressing from house to house. In September 1990, about 40 neighbors gathered for the annual potluck party in the BORC alley. The alley provided space for more food, music and even dancing. It was so much fun neighbors wanted a way to get together more often. So, in 1997, Linda Smith created the concept of Friday “Taste of BORC” Happy Hours. It was a way to combine the former progressive dinner party with the annual BORC party. Linda wanted a way that she could still check out other people’s houses and each BORC happy hour is at a different house. BORC Happy hours are now the most common BORC event and they occur mostly in the summer months. Each BORC Happy Hour is held at a volunteer host’s home. The host provides appetizers, cups and ice. Guests bring whatever they want to drink and the parties last from 5:30-8pm. Most happy hours are outside in a front or back yard so hosts don’t have to worry about kids running around in their house. Dogs can come too!

BORC is now in its 31st Year! Most of the original BORCers are still telling stories about those first few years. BORC is not just one square block. People living in surrounding areas and friends of BORCers are always welcome at the parties.
The BORC directory is a contact listing of everyone in the neighborhood, even those who have moved away. The BORC website, borc.org is used for announcements and posting of BORC photos. BORC neighbors reach out to newcomers moving into the area and get them introduced and make them feel welcome. BORC has an active neighborhood watch and everyone watches out for their neighbors and especially looks out for our long-time BORCers aging in their home. When a Real Estate Agent lists a property in “The Coveted Braemar District” they are really referring to the BORC neighborhood. The Braemar neighborhood was originally plotted as a single family neighborhood and that might be one reason why it has a true sense of community with some residents living there for more than 50 years! Where else can you say you can easily walk to Mission Beach, Mission Bay, Pacific Beach and the Garnet business district all within 3-4 blocks!

BORC is about relationships with our neighbors. Some of the relationships are “best friends” and some are just that we care enough about each other to close someone’s garage door when they leave it open or wheel in their trash cans when they are out of town. There is one thing that everyone in BORC knows...We live, work and play in the greatest place on earth!